Writers Helping Writers--from tips to oodles and oodles of description words for your scene/character, this blog has it all--and more! I get lost on this site for HOURS.

Peggy Eddleman Will Write For Cookies--it's no secret I adore this gal--plus, she's got great things to say about the craft.

Marissa Meyer -- She doesn't always write about craft, but when she does it's really, really good.

Writer's Unboxed--not gonna lie. This one can get a little dry sometimes...but when it's stellar, it's really, really stellar.

Write to Done--they often have GREAT articles about just getting the job done. Sometimes they can really help a person out of the rut...other times I try to ignore what they say as too "grown up" thinking for me--I'm still in denial that an author has to be business-savvy.

Dictionary/Thesaurus--because you need them. Every day.

Baby Names--because naming your characters is important :)

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