About Me

I'm Z. In case you're wondering, I'm the blond. The ginger is my cute hubby. This was one of the photos we used for our wedding announcement. Yeah, we're that cool.

I really like to read. I mean, I REALLY like to read. My cute maman was never any good at reading and it really set her back in school, so she decided she'd do whatever it took to help her children have a better schooling experience than she did.

This is my maman, me and my baby sister. Maman's a ginger, too. That's probably why my cute hubby thinks she loves him more than she loves me. Fat chance, hubby! My baby sister's a genius. Certified. Well, not technically, but she could be if she wanted. She's ridiculously brilliant.


I'm my maman's guinea pig. That means I'm kind of a glorified lab rat. I'm her first baby girl, so I got exposed to all her well-meaning antics and schemes throughout the 25 years I lived more or less at home.

There were probably failed experiments along the way, but one thing's for sure--I can read.

My first day of school, I brought along my favorite copy of Charlotte's Web--which I could read all by myself, thank you very much!

Years went by, and the only thing I would get in trouble at school for was reading too much. I didn't think that with the rising illiteracy rates around the nation a person could possibly read too much, but apparently I can.

On top of reading, I really love to write.

Let me rephrase that.

I really, really, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love to write.

When I was little I wrote about unicorns and princesses who journeyed to La-La Land and fought against the space invaders by dancing better than they could.

When I was a pre-teen, I tackled something more mature and reasonable for a girl of my vast literary knowledge.

My cousin and I co-wrote 70 pages of Star Trek Fanfiction. 

It's pretty grotesque.

I graduated from BYU with a BA in English. I loved my degree and I miss school, but I haven't stopped learning. Hubby is a Social worker (yay Masters degree!), and we live in the middle of the Rockies with a kid and a dog and life is good. I've written three novels, dozens of poems, and a couple of short stories. Working on getting them published -- wish me luck!

*UPDATE: I got published! You can find my short story Dr. Anderson's Journal in this anthology, or I have it available to read on this page here. You're welcome ;)

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