Under construction:


[Working Title] (Ivan)-- On a break, until I decide I'm ready to delve into the massive pile of fix-its it will require before its ready to query.

OF GODS AND SIRENS -- Decided that what I had was great, but could be awesome, so I ditched the 9th draft and started over...and I'm about halfway through the 10th draft. And I love it.

PRELUDE IN DRAGON MINOR -- Currently being drafted.

Short stories:

[Working Title] -- A little romance heating up in the planning notebooks on my desk.

Published (& where to find them!):

DR. ANDERSON'S JOURNAL -- short story linking my future Earth world to my Regency/Dragon planet. Oh, the fun! It's published in the anthology, Sibyl's Scriptorium, which you can purchase here. OR, you can read it for free here. You're welcome ;)

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