Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring = New Life

Ah, spring.

I love spring.

I love the flowers and sunshine, the long walks and the rain.

I do my best writing in the spring. Actually, I've written all the drafts for all my books in the spring/early summer. It's what works for me.
This spring I'm participating in Camp NanoWrimo as I do every year--and like every year before, I've won! Which is to say, I've written 50k words on a manuscript this month.
Actually, since I had a great outline and knew my regular drafting speed and how much time I'd have this month, I doubled the goal to 100k. Today takes me to 67k, so I'm well on my say to achieving the goal.

As for the project, well...remember Prelude in Dragon Minor? I love the concept and the characters and even the general plot line...but the draft I wrote a couple years ago just doesn't work. It's too severely broken to work. It worked better as a massive 95k brainstorming session. I took what I liked, wrote up an incredibly detailed backstory and worldbuilding and character sketching manual for myself over the last several months and scrapped the draft.
So far, at 67k into the new draft, I've only kept...maybe 5k from the original. So it's not necessarily a new project, but it is a new book, if that makes any sense.

Wish me luck as I pound out the remainder of this draft!

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